The Adventure of Paragliding

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Paragliding is an extreme sport that consists of flying as long as possible using updrafts that occur near hills or in places with predominantly hot and dry air.

Professional paragliding has different modalities, as follows:

Cross Country - Aims to fly the longest distance in the shortest time possible, taking advantage of the updrafts (thermals) formed along the way.

Paragliding na Praia Mole em Floripa

In the competitions of this paragliding modality, a race is defined by a technical committee that determines the route to be followed by marking two or more points to be reached by the pilots. Each pilot has his own GPS to follow the course set by the organizing committee, and the winner is the one who arrives first at the end of the race (goal).

One of the best places to practice free-flight is in Brazil in Governador Valadares, in the state of Minas Gerais. Valadares is known worldwide as a mecca for free-flying, due to its excellent weather conditions for the Cross Country flight.

Acrobatic Flight - It is an extremely radical modality, that requires a lot of technique from the pilot to be performed safely. Similar to FreeFly and Freestyle of Skydiving, the objective is to do tricks in the air.

Its beginning is recent, it only happened in 2001, when the Spanish pilot Raul Rodriguez invented the trick known as SAT, where the rider rotates back wards with a vertical axis that lies between the pilot and the paragliding.

The most known tricks are: Infinity Tumbling, Wing Over, Asymmetric Spiral, Full Stall, SAT, Helicopter, Looping and McTwist.

Watch the video below and take off in a paragliding flight in Floripa, the Brazilian Magic Island!


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