Philippines: A Holiday Trip to Manila

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Manila Philippines

Manila resembles a Spanish city, and that says a lot about its history and culture. The capital of the Philippines, which used to serve as the only stronghold in Asia for the Spanish conquistadors, Manila is endowed with a wealth of architectural and cultural heritage, which still exists in one or the other form, across the length and breadth of the country.

The present district of Intramuros was designed, developed and fortified by the Spanish to safeguard it from foreign attacks. You would just love to explore the fascinating history of the Philippines.

History is just one aspect of Manila holidays. There can be a number of other interesting ways to enjoy a vacation here. Modern skyscrapers and hotels ensure that you get all the necessary amenities of the contemporary world. Restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping areas are all there to offer you the best holiday time no matter whether you are alone or with family. Travelers taking Manila flights will also have spend less than what they might have spent in Europe or America. A pleasurable vacation in budget – that’s what the Philippines are all about.

Here are some of the highlights of a Manila holiday trip:

• From the history to contemporary facilities, Manila has to offer you all. So, you can expect a great time exploring the various options for shopping, dining, nightlife, fun and adventure. A family-friendly city, it can offer attractions for everyone, young as well as old.

• You just won’t miss to notice the dominating presence of museums and churches, each with something unique to showcase. It will be a wonderful activity to go explore the city for historic churches and enriching museums, and came to appreciate all the good things about Filipino culture.

philippines manila culture


• Intramuros will definitely be the first place to begin their tour of the city for travelers taking London to Manila flights for holidays. You will immediately feel the Spanish influence seeing the various landmarks with impressive architecture. Among the famous ones include Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. You will also find here a number of churches housing historical and cultural artifacts.

philippines manila cathedral


• Rizal Park is a great attraction for travelers on holidays. Situated along Manila Bay, the park offers fabulous views of the ocean while entertaining you with a wide variety of attractions. Among the notable structures inside the park include the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, the National Museum of the Philippines, the National Library of the Philippines, the Planetarium, the Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion.

• Families can’t avoid trips to some notable kid-friendly attractions, such as Manila Ocean Park and Manila Zoo. Talking about the Ocean Park, it features a 25-meter underwater acrylic tunnel, allowing visitors to see a wide range of aquatic animals swimming around them. The zoo will obviously be a delightful place to go with family.

philippines manila ocean park


• It is important to note that some of the biggest shopping malls in Asia are located in the Philippines. So, you can expect only the best when it comes to shopping. Besides, a trip to Ermita and Malate will open up myriads of possibilities for a wonderful nightlife experience. Don’t worry if you haven’t been able to book your tickets as Hoodaki is offering last minute flights to Manila at affordable prices. Just call its customer service.


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