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    1. Cape Town - South Africa: Second largest city in South Africa, it is known for its beautiful scenery. A good portion of the population works in the tourism industry, and millions of travelers... Read More

  • Los Angeles Metro Trip Planner

    If you are looking for the most useful and convenient way around any city, then metro trip planner will help you get it.

    Metro trip planner helps travelers plan for their trip even before they leave their homes. This way, they will be able to formulate their trip around the city and the buses or trains to take in order to navigate different parts of the city without experiencing any traffic that could... Read More

  • The Adventure of Paragliding

    Paragliding is an extreme sport that consists of flying as long as possible using updrafts that occur near hills or in places with predominantly hot and dry air.

    Professional paragliding has different modalities, as follows:

    ... Read More

  • Boarding Procedure at Airport

    In order to reach the boarding lounge, you must identify yourself to checkpoint officers at the airport. Your identity is no longer in question. Fumbling with your ID will slow the boarding process. Since you have already checked in at the ticket counter or on a computer if you checked in online, you do not have to check in at the gate - the computer knows you checked in. 

    If you have a seat assignment, you are good... Read More




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