6 Reasons Why You Must Visit Goa This Monsoon

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A beautiful beach is the first thing that coms into one's mind when they think of Goa. However, there is lot more to this exquisite destination.
Many people don't know about the beauty of monsoon season in Goa. In fact, this is the best season to discover Goan natural beauty. Being here will let you have a clear and breathtaking views of unending greenery carpets and a laid back life combined with delectable cuisine.
Although monsoon is considered 'off season' for visitors, it makes for a wonderful time to be in Goa while avoiding the rush and madness of tourists. The best part is that you can get the best of deals during this period.
Most of the Goa hotels deals during monsoon are affordable. Not convinced yet? Here are 6 strong reasons to visit Goa during the romantic season of rain:
1. The Romantic Rain
romantic train goa india
Of course, this is the number one reason for visiting Goa during monsoons. The place becomes extremely beautiful. You can enjoy a relaxed walk bythe beach here. The rains will make it even more romantic. There's something magical about Goa when it rains. This is the time when tourists take a break from busy and hectic tourist season. Also this provides for an amazing opportunity foryou to put your feet up along with the locals too. Once here, you can take a long siesta or a fabulous rainy walk along the beach. For adventure lovers, hiking up to Fort Chapora (Dil Chahta Hai was shot here) is a must. Watching small and large raindrops crashing into the ocean is simply a mesmerising sight. If you are here for complete relaxation, then it is a must to sit in your balcony and have a look at the rainfall while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. There is no better way of Goa sightseeing than this.
2. Wildlife Sanctuaries
royal bengal tiger mhadei wildlife sanctuary india
Did you know Goa is home to the Royal Bengal tiger? Wel, if no is your answer, you must visit the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. Goa wildlife sanctuary is open all year round which is quite different for a sanctuary as all of the other sanctuaries in India are open only for a specific period of time. Since the sanctuary during rain are washed squeaky clean during rains, they are a perfect visit. Situated in North Goa near Valpoi, the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a huge number of Bengal Tigers. Presently, it is all set to get transformed into a a Project Tiger Reserve. Some of the other wildlfe sanctuaries situated here include the Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary. These are located along the Goa Karnatak border. You can also visit the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary which is popular among the tourists and children. This wildlife park is home to a deer park, a mini zoo, and several exquisite nature trails ideal for hikes.
3. The Dudhsagar Falls
dudhsagar falls goa
The popular Dudhsagar Falls are situated in the Mollem National Park. Goa travel guide experts recommend visiting these falls during the monsoons when waters are in full swing. The name Didhsagar has been derived from the milky white waters falling down. These cascading down an incredible height of 301 metres (987 feet). Circumscribed by exquisite green foliage, this is deemed as one of the most stunning natural place in Goa. Tourists love to trek at the Dudhsagar Falls. There are around four different trekking routes that you can take to enjoy a crystal clear view of the falls. While trekking, it is crucial to take along good quantity of drinking water and medication. A lot of things may not be available  on the way. Around two abandoned shelters are available for trekkers on the way. Make sure you carry enough drinking water and medication along since none is available along the way.
4. A Visit to Spice Plantations
apice plantations goa india
If you are visiting Goa during monsoons, the spice plantations are a must see. These beautiful plantations are located at Savoi-Verem and make for a wonderful attraction for tourrists in the entire state. Some of the main spices grown in this area include cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pepper, nutmeg, and ginger. Spice plantations are strongly recommended by the locals as these come alive and extremely beautiful during monsoons. Also this is the best time to visit these plantations. For a fabulous unforgettable experience, take a guided tour to this place. A cashew distillery located right on the premises is a must-visit. Right after the tour, you can relish a delicious, traditional Goan Saraswat meal. It is served at the famous Sadafuli Restaurant within the plantation. Ssome of the best Goan delicacies to savour here include Sol Kadi, Stuffed Crabs, Prawn Curries, Chicken Xacuti, Fried Mussels, and Vegetable Curries. For those who wish to stay can go for one of the comfortable accommodations offered here.
5. Fertility Feast
fertility feast saint john baptist goa india
One of the major reasons of paying a visit to Goa in monsoons is the vibrant Sao Joao Festival. It is widely revered as the Fertility Feast of Saint John the Baptist. The festival is celebrated in late June on an annual basis with great pomp and show. The Sao Joao festival is all about a group of men jumping into village wells. Well, they do this for retrieving bottles of Feni (the local alcohol). The Saint Peter and Paul feasts are widely commemorated towards the end of June. The feast witnesses a lot of people sailing on the river in rafts. Together, they sing and dance. The annual festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is another colourful festival celebrated widely in Goa.
6. The Nightlife
goa india nightlife
Partying in Goa is fun. In fact, it is one of the activities to be enjoyed here thoroughly. Vibrant parties are synonymous to Goa. It is pilgrimage for party animals. You can enjoy parties at Tito's, Mambo’s, and many other places famous with tourists. Try heading straight to the famous Bar at Park Hotel situated in Calangute or enjoy loud live music at the chilled out Cavala located in Baga-Calangute Road. For karaoke lovers, the bars at St. Anthony’s will make for the best option. Situated in the beautiful Baga Beach, the bar will let the singer in you dance with joy. The LPK is another very famous nightclub in Goa. It is located in Candolim and known for its foot tapping music. The ambience here is simply mesmerising. Another good thing about Goa is that gambling is legal here. In fact, this is the only state in India where gambling is legal. So once here, you can head to the huge number of floating casinos and try your luck at the slot machines and roulette.
A Paradise for Foodie
Apart from destinations and overall beauty of Goa, the place is also widely appreciated for delectable cuisine, especially seafood offered.
With so much to see and enjoy, Goa can be a wonderful option for vacation during the rains. It will be a blissful experience to visit Goa when it rains. A lot of hotels, resorts, and beach houses offer amazing deals for tourists. You may reach out to them for an exciting Goa tour package.
So are planning a monsoon vacation in Goa? India is waiting for you!
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